31. 1. 2023   |   Implementation of S4/HANA - RISE in private cloud

Slovakodata a.s. successfully completed the implementation of S4/HANA - RISE in the private cloud for a major financial institution. FI, CO, MM, SD modules were implemented. The start of productive operation was 01.01.2023. Cooperation will continue on the basis of the Service Level Agreement.

31. 3. 2023   |   EURO conversion in Croatia

Slovakodata a.s. successfully completed the Euro conversion project in Croatia in a major insurance institution with which we have been cooperating for a long time.

30. 4. 2023   |   ČSOB Leasing, a.s. – SAP data archiving

For our long term customer, we performed complex data archiving in all important SAP ERP modules. We managed to fulfill the defined goals: reduce the size of the database and stabilize the speed of the SAP system.

1. 5. 2023   |   30th Year of Slovakodata

This May, our company begins its 30th year of existence :) We look forward to the next years and many more successful projects and satisfied clients.

1. 7. 2023   |   VÚB Generali dôchodková správcovská spoločnosť, a.s. – Implementation of significant legislative changes

On this day, all stages of modifications to the DSS Core system were successfully completed in order to implement all legislative changes in the 2nd pension pillar. These were gradually deployed during the previous 10 months. We believe that the changes will bring improvements for DSS as well as its savers.

1. 8. 2023   |   Successful ISO 9001 recertification

The quality of our processes and compliance with the standard was also confirmed during recertification to ISO 9001:2015. We obtained the certificate for 3 years.

1. 10. 2023   |   Slovenská elektrizačná prenosová sústava, a. s. – Implementation of SAP Travel Management

The start of Q3/23 was also the start of the operational use of the solution for registration, approval and settlement of travel reimbursements in IS SAP. Efforts devoted in the previous months to analysis, settings, development and thorough testing have resulted in acceleration, standardization and digitalization of the entire process.

31. 10. 2023   |   2 x teambuilding during 1 month

At the beginning of October, we climbed Jánošíkové Diery together and some of us even Malý Rozsutec. A week later, we spent a pleasant time during goose feast and with some good wine in Slovenský Grob.

30. 9. 2022   |   Partnership with Vienna Quantum Consulting GmbH

For already one year, there has been an ongoing partnership between Vienna Quantum Consulting and SLOVAKODATA. Currently, cooperation in the areas of SAP project management and SAP Finance will be expanded. The SAP Project is accompanied by professional qualified experts from SLOVAKODATA.

16. 6. 2022   |   We organized a seminar for our clients

On 16.6. we organized a seminar for new and regular customers, where we presented our news as well as current topics from the world of SAP and its Add-ons.

The covered topics were following:

  • S/4HANA
  • News in the area of circulation of invoices (SII)
  • Platon – a tool for budget creating, forecasting and modeling
  • VAT liability and control of bank accounts
  • Digitalisation in HCM

16. 1. 2022   |   New VAT liability obligations

At the end of 2021, we expanded our SAP add-on VAT Liability, thus reflecting the legislative change - the obligation to verify the list of VAT payer's bank accounts (valid from 1.1.2022) published on the financial administration portal related to VAT liability.

Our new solutions:

  • automatically ensures the download and processing of the list of VAT payers' bank accounts they use for business into the SAP system
  • perform verification of bank accounts that are intended for business. The following are checked:
    • bank accounts of VAT payers on master data of business partners (suppliers, customers)
    • individual open items of suppliers and customers
  • verifies payment proposal items
  • implements ad-hoc checks and reports in modules FI, MM, KDF, SII

In the period 1Q / 2022, an intensive add-on implementation took place in dozens of different SAP environments of our customers.

10. 12. 2021   |   Support for UNIQA during the integration of AXA insurance company

On August 31, 2021, with the consent of the Czech National Bank and the National Bank of Slovakia, the insurance companies UNIQA pojišťovna, a.s., AXA životní pojišťovna a.s., AXA pojišťovna a.s. and UNIQA insurance company, a.s. were merged. Our SAP system experts helped translate this integration process into SAP.

The project ran throughout 2021 and consisted of the preparation of the target concept, support during implementation, multiple testing, training and support during data migration.

We believe that our hard work has also succeeded in accomplishing this complex process of merger.

20. 9. 2021   |   Complete electronic approval and circulation of purchase documents in Volkswagen Slovakia, a.s.

We have successfully implemented our SAP add-on developed to cover this legislative requirement as effectively as possible in the period 4Q / 2018 - 2Q / 2019 in the following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

This important project, called Bestellanforderung elektronisch (eBanf, Abruf, eLieferungs- / Leistungsbestätigung), has been deployed in productive operation since 4Q / 2021 after a year of implementation. It focused on the complete electronicization of approval processes in purchasing documents of the SAP system:

• Requests
• Orders
• Receipts

Work with these objects takes place in both the classic SAP ERP environment and the modern SAP Fiori environment, designed primarily for tablets and mobile devices.

The solution was deployed in productive operation in several stages, divided according to organizational units. Currently, every VW department uses the solution we have prepared.

Objective: to speed up, simplify the approval process and eliminate paper circulation of documents, we have achieved together with our customer.

26. 8. 2021   |   Upgrade of the banking information system SAP and SAP BW in the company Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank, a.s.

Our long-term customer is also aware of the importance of keeping its key information systems in TOP condition. As part of the upgrade project, we updated all system components and databases to their latest versions. In this way, we have contributed to increasing the security, reliability and the speed of the systems. At the same time, we prepared them for the planned transition to S / 4HANA, resp. BW / 4HANA version

The project took place during the full operation of the bank and within a pre-agreed schedule. It required the maximum commitment and concentration of our experts in banking processes in ERP and BW processes as well. Great importance was placed on the control and possible elimination of incompatibilities in the framework of customer development.

The project lasted 5 months and we successfully completed it in 3Q / 2021.

2. 6. 2021   |   VUB Generali Pension Management Company, a.s. - KU system upgrade

Upgrading a financial institution's core system is always a challenging task. We successfully dealt with this in a period of 4 months and completed the project in 2Q / 2021.

The subject of the upgrade was the key system for DSS, including its database and operating system. After the initial analysis and design of the solution, we performed the upgrade itself and began detailed testing. The individual findings were removed in time and we were able to proceed with a productive upgrade.

We have fully fulfilled the set goal of updating all system components to their latest versions and thus ensuring their support for the next longer period.

25. 12. 2020   |   MOL Group - SAP SWIFT Net Implementation

Our experts to payment system in the SAP have successfully completed a 4-year project focused on the implementation of SWIFT Net - Unifying Electronic Banking Connection. The goal was to unify all payment interfaces within the MOL group and various SAP systems into one unified communication channel. An integral part of it was the solution we developed and implemented in the SAP system environment.

During 6 stages, several banks and several accounting areas were implemented, including Slovnaft, a.s. The goals of the project: unification of interfaces, reduction of work in future developments of banking interfaces, information on the status of real-time payment processing were over-met and the project was internationally awarded. Both FI and HR payments were covered.

15. 12. 2020   |   Slovnaft, a.s. - Development and roll-out of SAP HR ESS / MSS processes

In order to improve the electronics of SAP HR processes and their subsequent roll-out to other organizational units and groups of employees, we embarked on this project in the autumn of 2019, so a year later we could declare together with the customer: "SUCCESSFUL".

During the individual stages, the inefficiencies of previous processes were analyzed and then were proposed the solutions. After their successful implementation, we proceeded to the actual roll-out of HR processes supported by the SAP ESS / MSS and Fiori systems. The solution was subsequently made available to thousands of employees.

30. 10. 2020   |   Transition from SAP ERP system to SAP S / 4HANA in the company Letisko M. R. Štefánika - Airport Bratislava, a. s. successfully implemented!

Our company also has one exceptional and demanding portfolio in its portfolio of successful projects, which took place during pandemic measures. Limited working conditions such as interruptions at the customer's premises, work from home as well as alternative solutions for common activities performed in the work environment, presented us and our customer with a difficult challenge that we managed to overcome together within 10 months thanks to the personal commitment of each project team member.

The project consisted of strong preparation and analysis, the results of which were described in detail in the Target Concept. The implementation included preparatory steps before migration as well as migration to newer operating and database systems so that it would then be possible to run tools for the conversion of the ERP system to the S/4 HANA system. The conversion of the system itself was performed by the SUM tool and the built-in tools in the SAP system. The completion of the conversion was verified by detailed testing and verification of the functionality of SAP systems and modules.

Our customer now has the latest version of SAP with the possibility of using new and modern applications such as FIORI. We believe that the customer will not be able to resist this invitation to the modern world of SAP and will decide to move forward in the innovations.

20. 1. 2020   |   Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank, a.s. - Study of the transition to S / 4HANA and BW / 4HANA

At the beginning of the year, we completed a 3-month analysis of the SAP banking system and SAP BW system as well in the terms of their future transition to the latest generation of SAP systems.

The analysis comprehensively assessed the systems in terms of individual levels and components (hardware, database, licensing requirements, application layer in the scope of all implemented modules, customer programs and user environment). The outputs were written into a detailed study, which was presented to the customer.

We are looking forward to using this document as a basis for the future transition to S / 4HANA and BW / 4HANA systems.

12. 9. 2019   |   Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank, a.s. - Preparation of electronic banking for PSD2 standard

In accordance with the new Slovak national standard for PSD2, the possibility of controlled and secure opening of access to banking information to verified and authorized third parties (TPP - Third Party Providers) and enabling verified and authorized TPPs to initiate payments for the client and subsequently perform their authorization was implemented.

After the analysis of the requirements and the preparation of the target concept, the implementation of the API compatible with PSD2 took place within 3Q / 2019 within the electronic banking system. This was followed by internal testing as well as integration testing with a selected TPP subject. After successful testing in terms of functionality and important security, the solution was deployed in productive operation.

The bank is currently ready to communicate with licensed TPPs such as:

• AISP (Account Information Service Provider)
• PISP (Payment Initiation Service Provider)
• PIISP (Payment Instrument Issuer Service Provider)

20. 8. 2019   |   Generali CEE Holding - Accounting standard IFRS16 implemented for several countries

The new international accounting standard IFRS16, which talks about leasing and become valid from 1 January 2019, was also the subject of our implementation in individual Generali CEE Holding companies.

We have successfully implemented our SAP add-on developed to cover this legislative requirement as effectively as possible in the period 4Q / 2018 - 2Q / 2019 in the following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

The project consisted of analysis activities and preparation of the target concept, subsequent implementation, connection to SAP modules FI, FI-AA, CO, MM, training and two-way testing, data migration was completed by a graduSince its implementation, the add-on has undergone additional developments required by our customers to be able to help even more significantly with the systemic coverage of this legislative requirement.

2. 7. 2019   |   ČSOB Leasing, a.s. - Implementation of a new data warehouse

After analytical work and detailed design in 2018, in the first half of 2019 we implemented a new data warehouse, which is the main component for various types of reports and analyzes of our customer.
The project consisted of creating a data warehouse in the MS SQL environment and its automated and regular execution from the data of the SAP ERP system, especially accounting, property and controlling. Last but not least, a detailed data consistency check was implemented after the daily data transmissions.
By using delta transmissions as well as other optimization metrics, one of the main goals of the project was achieved a significant reduction in the time of updating data in the data warehouse.

26. 5. 2019   |   Allianz Technologies SE - Accounting Standard IFRS16 implemented for several countries

From 1 January 2019 International Accounting Standard IAS 17 replaces International Accounting Standard IFRS16. The objective of the new standard is to distinguish leasing from service contracts and to ensure that companies report all their liabilities and assets related to leasing in the balance sheet.
In order to meet this legislative requirement, we have been working hard on our own SAP add-one since 2018. This was subsequently implemented in several Allianz organizational units operating in the following countries: Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Russia and Slovakia.

The project consisted of activities of analysis and preparation of the target concept, subsequent implementation, training and two-way testing, data migration and was completed by a gradual successful start-up of productive operations in individual countries during 2Q / 2019.

30. 5. 2018   |   Erste Group International IT (EGIT INT), Erste Group, Vienna – S4HANA project (pilot)

The newco EGIT INT decided to implement a pilot for the Erste Group based on S4HANA and covering the ERP module, the contract management (with CUContract) and the SAP BPC solution. Slovakodata supported the program manager for the three projects and the contract department as business analyst.

25. 5. 2017   |   Slovakodata at the SAP FORUM 2017

SLOVAKODATA, as the main partner, participated at the SAP FORUM 2017 conference at x-bionic® sphere in Šamorín, where through presentation stand and presentation presented the complex ERP solutions of the new SAP S/4HANA generation

All about the conference can be found at:

13. 5. 2017   |   The success of our consulatnts

Since November 2015, Slovakodata's consultants have been part of the team that implements the SWIFT project for a large refinery company.
The role of our consultants is to solve SAP related tasks. This project was awarded the "Best Swift solution" that was awarded by the company Adam Smith Awards for 2017.

4. 5. 2016   |   With SNP Austria to support a Transformation Project for an Internationally active Industry

During last year, SLOVAKODATA has supported SNP to perform the spinoff of a division within an internationally acting company, based in Europe. The supported project phase involved several countries in Europe and North America. All the business data has been migrated into an SAP one client target system prepared for the new company. During the migration, data transformation has been applied so that the migrated data was compliant with the target SAP systems environment. All countries went live as planned and with the expected quality.

“With this project SNP AUSTRIA and SLOVAKODATA have proven to be compatible partners, especially in an international project environment and are planning to intensify future cooperation.”
Gerald Huhn – Managing Director SNP Austria

26. 4. 2016   |   Slovakodata at the SAP Forum 2016

Also this year SLOVAKODATA will join the conference SAP Forum Slovakia 2016 at Hotel X-BIONIC, in Šamorín on May, 26th – 27th.
As a SAP partners in Slovakia which always looked to the new challenges with a balanced mix of human curiosity, professional interest and business opportunity, SLOVAKODATA is glad to present this year some Fiori applications based on the just released SAP platform HCP (HANA Could Platform).
We will be happy to meet you there, sure that the topic of this year will represent a good occasion to improve the way you do business. We also invite you stopping at our stand before and/or after the presentation to give you more insight about HCP and Fiori or other products within our large offer of services.

18. 4. 2016   |   SLOVAKODATA at CAMIT

This year during the Annual Conference of the Slovak – Italian Chamber of Commerce (CAMIT) held at Felkensteiner Hotel in Bratislava, our company has been presented to all the conference members. This step introduced SLOVAKODATA into a more active cooperation with the member of CAMIT; our interest is to serve as best also the Italian company installed in Slovakia offering them also the possibility to communicate in Italian. On the other side, our experience in implementing business processes in SAP represents an advantage for all our customer which can benefit by solutions tailored to their needs and modular. Our next steps now will be to attend to the next events organized by CAMIT as “Speed Business” visits to the most important producer or manufacturers in Slovakia and in the closest countries.

18. 6. 2015   |   Implementation of SAP S/4 HANA - Simple Finance

SLOVAKODATA presented its best-praxis experience with the implementation of SAP S/4 HANA - Simple Finance at the conference SAP Forum Slovensko 2015, section „Implementation of S/4 HANA is really „S“ Simple”.
The presentation contended experience from a pilot project for the Implementation of SAP S/4 HANA - Simple Finance and this not only for Slovakia and based on the realization on its own productive system.
The gained experienced are prepared to let the solution run at further SAP systems. On demand we very much like to provide more information on minimum requirements, project- and time plan and further benefits when upgrading the system to a level of a new generation.

29. 4. 2015   |   Slovakodata at the SAP Forum

SLOVAKODATA is going to join the conference SAP Forum Slovakia 2015. The conference will take place at Hotel Zochova Chata, Modra between 28th – 29th of May 2015.
Being 21 years SAP partner our company will act via an exhibition stand and a professional presentation for the section of advanced business applications during which we will tell about our experiences with implementation of financial solutions of the Simple Finance new generation:

„Implementation of S / 4 HANA is really "S" Simple".

13. 4. 2015   |   Roche Diabetics Care, Basel – Migration

Slovakodata has been called to participate to the project in Roche (Basel) to implement the new company Roche Diabetics Care as spin-off of Diagnostic. We were leading the migration project which took place in 7 different countries (Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, US and Canada) with our partner SNP AG. The role of our consultants was to lead the Migration Team and assure that all the task were executed on time and budget.

17. 3. 2015   |   Procurement centralization project for foreign banks members of Intesa San Paolo group.

IntesaSanPaolo Group Services (ISGS) has launched a project with the aim of improving the procurement process and reducing operating costs at the Group level. The first IntesaSanPaolo foreign bank (pilot) where the project have been implemented was VUB a,s, in Bratislava; Banca Intesa Beograd is the second Bank among the International Subsidiaries to implementing the new procurement model .

The roll-out started in July 2012 and went live in VUB on Jan 2014 while in BIB exactly one year later, in Jan 2015. The target of the project was to implement the new organizational model and the interfaces between the SAP One Client solution, installed in Italy, and the local legacy systems in VUB and BIB. The Slovakodata participation, as SAP partner and also business expert in centralization project, had the focus to bring in both banks the knowledge necessary to highlight the business GAPs between the current business model and the new centralized one together with the Project Management methodology already used in similar projects. Moreover, Slovakodata has been involved in arranging the SAP training for the end users and to arrange the support to the users during the after GO LIVE period.

„We ISGS had the opportunity to be supported during the both projects, by the same SAP partner, Slovakodata, and to appreciate their support given on both aspects, content and methodology; we consider that their engagement represented a key factor that contributed to the successful conclusion of the projects.“
Beata Kissne Foldi, Responsible for Procurement Centralization Project - Foreign Banks, INTESA SANPAOLO GROUP SERVICES

17. 3. 2015   |    We are now member of the Italian - Slovak Chamber of Commerce !

“Since today, March 17th, Slovakodata is member of the Italian - Slovak Chamber of Commerce in Bratislava. The aim of this cooperation is to supply ICT and business services to the other members supporting their initiatives in Slovakia and Italy as well. We now look forward for new opportunities based on our large experience in implementation and enhancement of the SAP ERP solutions.”

26. 8. 2014   |   Slovakodata worldwide

Slovakodata, a.s. became during its 20years history a company which is able to implement projects not only in the Slovak and Czech Republic but also in further countries. In addition to the historical cooperation with the corporation Prysmian Group Australia our consultants perform services in the area FS-CD for a famous insurance company in South Africa and in CML for a bank in Saudi-Arabia.

During the last years we successfully realized projects also in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Serbia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Australia and the Philippines.

6. 6. 2014   |   Slovakodata at SAP FORUM

Slovakodata was a general partner on the SAP Forum 2014 Slovakia and Czech conference, which was held on 22nd and 23rd of May 2014 in Brno. The part of SAP Forum 2014 was also a presentation of our colleague Roman Janos on the topic about SAP Information Lifecycle Management (SAP ILM) – information also have their life cycle.

31. 3. 2014   |   Project in VUB, Bratislava – Pilot project for procurement centralization on SAP Software

IntesaSanPaolo Group Services (ISGS) has launched a project to centralize the procurement for all the banks in the Eastern Europe (almost 15 banks) and VUB has been the pilot project.
The project started at the beginning of last year and went live on Jan 2014. The target of the project was to implement the new organizational model and the interfaces between the SAP One Client solution, installed in Italy, and the local legacy systems in VUB. Our participation, as SAP partner and also business expert in centralization project, had the focus to bring in VUB the knowledge necessary to highlight the GAP between the current business model and the new centralized one together with the Project Management methodology already used in similar projects. Moreover, we have been involved in arranging the SAP training for the end users and the user support after GO LIVE. The project is now running in a fine tuning phase.

„We have really appreciate the support given on both content and methodology by the Slovakodata consultants involved in the project and we consider, together with their SAP skills and experience, it has been a fundamental boost and contribution to the successful conclusion of the project.“

Andrea De Michelis, CFO and Board Member VUB, Project sponsor

29. 1. 2014   |   VAT control statement

Slovakodata offers support for the generating of the control statement for user of the SAP system. For our customers we provide consulting, realization and support for the implementation of SAP notes so that all obligations of the Slovak legislation will be met by the SAP system. Slovakodata performs implementation support for both new and old SAP versions.

1. 10. 2013   |   EURO conversion in Latvia

Following the example of Slovakia now Latvia is going to introduce the Euro 01.01.2014 for domestic payments. Slovakodata will bring in experiences gained from the Euro introduction in Slovakia for the project of a famous Scandinavian bank and its subsidiary in Latvia. Consultants of Slovakodata take part in the project and support our partner in Stockholm.

15. 9. 2013    |   Upgrade and SEPA at SZRB

Slovakodata may announce a further successfully realized project at the Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank. The update project of the whole banking information system from ECC 5.0 to ECC 6.0 EHP 6 started February 1st 2013 and went live in planed date. The Banking System of the Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank is running now on the latest known SAP version.

13. 6. 2013   |   Slovakodata on conference

Slovakodata acted as partner for the banking conference IIR 2013 which took place in the Hotel Park Inn Danube Bratislava between 11 – 12.6.2013. Know-how and experiences were presented beyond banking projects, e.g. also in the following competences:
• CRM – Customer relationship Management
• Business intelligence – Solutions for the next generation for reporting
• Management of risks via SAP GRC
• Approval processes and document workflow
• Services for the financial sector with plenty of references from banks and insurances

29. 5. 2013   |    One more Rollout for Vetropack

After three successful introductions of Rollouts for Vetropack in Slovakia, Czech and Croatia one more Rollout project (to Ukraine - Vetropack Gostomel Glass Factory JSC) is in progress to be realized. The project will be realized together with the long-term partner Lodestone Management Consultants.
Like as in the other countries the well approved scheme will also be used for the Ukraine so that the local legal requirements will be integrated into the solution of the corporation. In the end there will be generated a complex solution incl. productions processes and distribution of glass containers.

The following modules are part of the solution:
• Finance (FI)
• Controlling (CO)
• Sales and Distribution (SD)
• Material Management / Warehousing (MM/WM)
• Production Planning (PP)
• Waste Management Integration

11. 4. 2013   |   Upgrade and SEPA in SZRB Bank

The successful cooperation with the Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank continues!
From 1 February 2013 we started to upgrade the core banking information system in SZRB. The project aims to convert the information system to a SAP version, which is supported by SAP as standard and also allows the bank to take advantage by using the newest functionalities for the planned future business expansion.
We will upgrade the core bank system by the current version 5.0 to the SAP ERP 6.0 version, with the enhancement package 6.
The main activities of the project are:
• Analysis and processing of the target concept - (stage end)
• System Settings - customization
• User team training
• Testing
• Support for the productive GO LIVE

From 1 March 2013, at the same time, we will upgrade the banking system and start the upgrade of our SMART solution PE from ver. 1.0 to ver. 2.0, extending the functionality of payment especially for SEPA payment instruments.
SMART PE solution is a specific solution of Slovakodata, which is intended mainly for banks and financial institutions. It covers the complete payment processing and it is offer in a form of “add-on solution” to the information system SAP. This new 2.0 version covers also the processing of SEPA payments (SEPA Credit Transfer, SEPA Direct Debit) implemented via the SWIFT network and through direct correspondent and through national clearing in accordance with the plan approved by the NBS.

25. 1. 2013   |   Start of productive operation

At the beginning of 2013, we have started with three successful GO LIVEs for the company Vetropack.
Vetropack Group is one of the worldwide leaders of glass containers manufacturer.
The international project in partnership with Lodestone Management Consultants Zürich lasting from June 2012, having the GO LIVE on 1.1.2013.
Currently we are actively supporting the users in the production operation.
The project’s target was to roll-out the group template to the other companies in the group Vetropack. The roll-out of the Switzerland's template has been successfully deployed thanks also to the significant contribution of the Slovakodata consultants in the following plants:
• Vetropack Nemšová, Slovak Republic
• Glass Kyjov Vetropack Moravia, Czech Republic
• Vetropack Straža, Croatia

The characteristic of this project was to work in an international team. An important success factor was the high user motivation and the professional approach of all stakeholders, from customer or supplier side.

21. 1. 2013   |   Change of management

On 18.1.2013 Sales Director and Board Member Miroslav Polakovič was appointed Chief Executive Officer of SLOVAKODATA, a.s.. The new Chief Executive Officer has been working in the company since 1994 and is one of the founding members.
The previous Chief Executive Officer Peter Maťašek is going to concentrate on strategic topics for the company’s business development.

15. 10. 2012   |   Roll-out for the company Vetropack

Together with Lodestone Management Consultants (Zurich), SLOVAKODATA rolls-out the whole „Vetropack SAP group solution“ for the following countries:

Vetropack Nemšová, Slovakia
Vetropack Moravia Glass Kyjov, Czech Republic
Vetropack Straža, Croatia

The target is the roll-out of a complete solution which covers the production and distribution processes of glass containers in a multinational environment, taking into account legislative specifics for each country individually.

The solution includes the following SAP modules:
• Finance (FI)
• Controlling (CO)
• Sales and Distribution (SD)
• Material Management / Warehousing (MM/WM)
• Production Planning (PP)
• Waste Management Integration

12. 7. 2012   |   Training session for team leaders and project managers: the catapult.

When Slovakodata arrange training for all the employees there is always the possibility to make fun while we learn something. This time we have a Project Management Summary session and the game we have been called to play is called “The Catapult”. The aim of the game is to realize as much as possible of launches in the defined target, finding the right balance between the catapult’s position, the strength of the launch and adjusting some settings on the catapult itself. Well, we have been closed to reach the highest result, with fun and a bit of risk, especially for our colleague Rado, offering all his body to stabilize the catapult.

1. 7. 2012   |   Changes in Slovakodata organization structure

Since 1.7.2012 Slovakodata boost its presence on market giving more power to the sales department; the experienced people with a large experience on Slovak and international market were placed in a new position to use their ability and knowledge searching for new business opportunities. New managing directors where appointed to drive the company and support the sales department in their further business action.

The new four managing directors are:

Roman Jánoš (Application Management Services)
Jozef Šuran (Project Development)
Marián Šandor (Implementation and Quality assurance)
Massimo Barberio (Business Development)

We wish a successful installation to the new directors and a bright future to our company!

25. 5. 2012   |   Participation on the SAP FORUM 2012 conference

The possibility to connect and share information between all the employees and managers is one of the most important key-success factor in the concept of the modern enterprise. Most often now than in the past, the employees and also the management live the professional life in mobility, need to interact using the new technology now available, do not have time to spend filling in forms to request a day-off and wait for the whole paper-base approval process, doesn’t work almost anymore with paper document or pen. Those are the challenge already present in all our enterprises and an answer has to be provided in short time. The SAP solution for employees and manager is a web and mobile based solution called ESS (Employee Self Service) and MSS (Manager Self Service). Through the portal the employees can maintain a close connection with the HR department and managers while the managers can handle their team using specific functions as team member calendar, approval cycles or HR statistics. These functionalities are also made available for mobile devices so wherever they are, without time constraints, they have at disposal the full set of possibilities completely integrated in SAP, supported and guaranteed by the strong access control defined directly on the SAP system.
That is the reason why we have decided to present to the SAP Forum 2012, held in Bratislava on 24th of May, this SAP portal and the participation and interest created by this event confirmed how much actual and hot this topic is. We will be glad to present to you this solution; just contact our sales department and let’s Slovakodata helps your business to run better with SAP.

23. 5. 2012   |   Enhancement of the cooperation with Generali

Based on the long-term cooperation with the enhancement of the SAP system of Generali SLOVAKODATA is now participating in the project „SIRAEL LIFE“. Since May 2012 the cooperation is enhanced by consulting, analyzing and programming activities regarding the preparation, testing and realization of the migration in SAP FS-CD (SAP for Insurance Collections/Disbursements).

19. 3. 2012    |   Slovakodata in Australia

The cooperation with the company Prysmian Group has been expanded by another successful project. The project scope was to create a WEB application (Timesheet Data Collection) to ensure data collection of the production progress. The inputs entered by the operators provide an entire time frame of operations on each machine and are necessary inputs for the application OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), NCA (Nonconformity Advice) and responses to the operations in SAP. The application is designed for use in different countries and subsidiaries of the Prysmian Group. The pilot project is in Australia and the base for further roll-outs to other countries.

15. 1. 2012   |   Successful Go-life of the Rollout of InsData

Slovakodata handed over the modules FI and CO at the agreed time and to the agreed costs to the company InsData GmbH Nitra, member of UNIQA Gruppe, for productive operation. The implementation was based on a template of the corporation UNIQA. In addition the specific legislative changes have been added to the solution.
After the handover the cooperation continues in providing after-go-life support and service activities based on a contract of Service and Development.

1. 9. 2011   |   Certificate for Quality Management System

The quality of services is one of the main priorities for Slovakodata. Meeting the demanding requirements for the implementation of projects and the development of ISO standards is confirmed by the successful recertification audit conducted by TUV NORD CERT under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 10006:2003 certificate acquisition for the "development project management and implementation of information technology".

1. 6. 2011   |   Roll-out at InsData

InsData, Nitra decided as member of the UNIQA Group for Slovakodata as the implementation partner for the SAP Roll-out that needs to secure internal corporation standards. Important for the decision for Slovakodata was the deep expertise in the SAP insurance market and huge Rollout experience. The date of the Go-life is 01.01.2012.

19. 4. 2011   |   Slovakodata at the SAP World Tour

Slovakodata is going to participate, as a main SAP partner for this event, to the biggest SAP conference of the year in Slovakia, at the Hotel Kempinski River Park on the 14th April 2011.
The scope of this event is to present SAP´s vision, strategy, innovations and benefits together with the contribution of the SAP partners. Slovakodata welcomes all the guests interested in its portfolio of service and products at the stand in the partner area. Slovakodata is also going to present in the afternoon during the dedicated session “SAP BusinessObjects for control, decision support and optimization of business performance” a solution about access control in SAP, one of the most actual and hot topics at the moment. This solution is based on the Access Control module of the SAP GRC suite (Governance, Risk and Compliance), prevents unauthorized access and indicates real-time view into the access risk center.

1. 11. 2010   |   Cooperation with Honeywell

Slovakodata started the cooperation with the company Honeywell, the branch in Brno, with services for
the enhancement of the CO-modul.
On the basis of the services quality the cooperation has been expanding by HR-implementation services with the following content : concept for the SAP implementation path,
configuration activities, software interfaces and testing the software (including parallel processing),
supporting data migration from legacy systems, training the users and providing go-life support.

1. 7. 2010   |   Productive start of the project with Allianz Rosno Non-Life

Another company went go-life within the Allianz New Europe Group – Allianz Rosno Non-Life. The following modules were successfully implemented: FI, AA, CO, MM, SD, FSCD, CFM (in operation since 01.01.2010) and BW along with Open Text DMS/WF. The cooperation is continuing with operational support.

15. 6. 2010   |    Support for activities abroad

Slovakodata has opened a representative office in Munich to support the company's on-going activities abroad.

10. 6. 2010   |   Another successful year of Slovakodata Open Air at RVS Studené

Slovakodata successfully held the 8th annual sporting event Slovakodata Open Air. Customers, partner companies and company friends all accepted invitations. Having great weather conditions the participants could compete in various athletic disciplines from a doubles tennis tournament and petanque to archery or could simply use the range of relaxing activities. The event was moderated again by Slávo Jurko and the evening was enhanced by a performance by the group Beatles Revival. A number of participants are already looking forward to the next year.

4. 5. 2010   |   Continuation of the cooperation with Prysmian Cables Group

The successful cooperation with the Prysmian Cables Group has expanded by including a new SAP client. At the beginning of May the project for the Danube Region (Romania, Hungary, Slovakia...) startet and Slovakodata was selected to realize it based on its prior successful cooperation. After the project will have been completed for this region the cooperation will continue in other regions (Asia and Australia).

30. 4. 2010   |   Corporate currency conversion successfully completed in Great Britain and Canada

Slovakodata successfully completed the corporate currency conversion project from GBP to EUR in Great Britain and from CAD to USD in Canada for the HBPO Group. The company used the knowledge obtained from the EURO project at its domestic subsidiary in Lozorno for this project. The cooperation with the HBPO Group successfully continues with the provision of services.

15. 4. 2010   |   Success story

The successful SAP project implementation at the Slovak Guarantee and Development Bank was the impulse for the creation and publication of a "success story". All participants in the project reported their experience from the introduction of the complex information system including the bank solution, what enables valuable information as to project implementation and results to any future interested parties.

1. 4. 2010   |   Successful cooperation with Generali Slovensko poisťovňa

For more than 1 year Slovakodata has supported the successful Generali Slovensko poisťovňa insurance company during information system operations. The cooperation is not limited to only the resolution of normal problems but also includes development, the implementation of a new accounting scheme and the introduction of additional Slovakodata products (Speed up Solution for FI – Incoming Invoices and Speed up Solution for FI - Cash Accounting) that help to increase the efficiency of selected customer activities.

1. 3. 2010   |   Slovakodata abroad

Successful references led to a cooperation agreement for Slovakodata for system support and programming activities for TRILUX headquartered in Arnsberg Germany, which is an important manufacturer of illumination equipment. The cooperation agreement was ratified after a successful test order; this will also be used by TRILUX subsidiaries. The cooperation will focus on programming and form updates pursuant to customer requirements.

11. 1. 2010   |   Corporate currency conversion in the UK and Canada

The German company HBPO GmbH, a major international supplier of components for the automotive industry, used the services of SLOVAKODATA, a.s. in connection with the transition of the Slovak Republic to the EURO currency. After a successful conversion in its subsidiary HBPO Slovakia, s.r.o., the cooperation was extended to other countries within the HBPO Group. SLOVAKODATA, a.s. and HBPO GmbH have entered into an agreement to convert the company currency to EURO resp. USD for branches in Great Britain and Canada. The smooth running of the project and the commissioning of the project within the contractual deadline were confirmed by the professionalism of the SLOVAKODATA, a.s. implementation team.